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What is The Grape Life?

Well, it's more than just a place you can buy a great glass or bottle of wine... to us, the Grape Life is an attitude.

It's about appreciating the best that life has to offer and understanding that very few of those things come with a lot of $$$ attached.

In the words of The Grape Life's founder: "It's believing that, like a great bottle of wine, life is complex. It's understanding that, like the grape itself, who we are is greatly determined by where we grow, the conditions we live in and the people who nurture us."

We love the Quad Cities. This is where we have planted our roots, raised kids, worked, lived and played. We can't imagine living anywhere else. We have built strong relationships in the community and with cherished friends.

We always enjoyed visiting The Grape Life, long before we owned it. With great wines, beers and liquors, music and lighting is soft and the conversation is easy. We've rarely paid more than $30 for a bottle of good wine and we don't think you should have to either.

While we stock some very select wines at prices meant to catch the eye of area connoisseurs and collectors, The Grape Life is really designed with the novice wine drinker in mind. Our Grape Life classification system makes it easy to find the wines you like, or help you with the perfect pairing for that upcoming dinner. We've also selected some unique and handy wine gift items for that special "wineaux" in your life.

Our wine lounge has proven to be very popular and offers "Group Therapy Taste Flights" that will help you expand your wine knowledge and appreciation. Or you can relax with one of a dozen different wines by the glass. And we have hundreds of bottle on the wall we are happy to un-cork for you!

So, stop in and check us out. We promise to keep the music relaxing, the wine flowing and the conversation lively. That's what we call... the Grape Life.

What kind of wines do you have?

The Grape Life features wines from all around the world. We have lots of domestic wines from California, Washington State, Oregon, and New York's Finger Lakes, but also great wines from Australia, France, Italy, Spain, Argentina and others.

Any local or regional wines?

Unfortunately, no. We tend to leave those to the wineries themselves and other specialty shops.

What about food? Do you serve any?

We have several snack options that will serve a couple people, ranging in price from $7 - $12.50.

Can I bring in my own food or snacks?

Yes... as long as you're drinking wine.

Can I purchase a bottle of wine and drink it in your lounge?


Is there a cover charge for your live entertainment?

No, but there is a $10 minimum per person.

I have a favorite wine that's not on your list. Can you order it for me?

Although not every wine is available to us, we'll be glad to try and find any wine you'd like. There is a 3-bottle minimum for bottles under $30.

Is there a discount available for multiple bottle purchases?

Yes. 10% off whenever you buy a case (12) or more.

Can you ship wines?

Sorry. No.

Do you make custom baskets?

Yes, but we require at least 24-hours notice.

Can I have a party at The Grape Life?

Yes, we have several different options available. Give Diane a call at 563-940-6030 to discuss the endless possibilities.